How to recover from a regretful Halloweekend

written by: ava dickson

Halloween 2021 is dead and gone but your shame from the past four days might not be. Whether you indulged in an abundance of candy or an abundance of cheap vodka shots, this article should provide some mental clarity for your Halloweekend brain fog.

Thursday-Sunday may have been a living hell or a living movie. Personally, I had a fantastic time and I hope you all did too. This isn’t about me, though… Ladies and gentleman and everyone else in between, lets face the facts: you probably drank or smoked a little too much and went home with the guy who you said “I’m never talking to again!” If not, again good for you. Let’s just start right off the bat by acknowledging that whatever you did this weekend, it’s over now. No need to linger on your past mistakes. Chances are the people around you don’t remember either. The Nov. 1st scaries hit everyone the same. I’ve found that meditation and journaling about my regrets always helps in trying to move past them, so definitely add that to the To-Do list. Now, I’m not a doctor by any means, so take what you will but, it is scientifically proven that blue Gatorade can actually cure hangovers. So before you keep reading go to the fridge and pop the cap off one of those bad boys.

Because the point of this blog is to help you embrace that bitch inside of you it makes perfect sense to share my secrets on bouncing back after doing some nasty embarrassing shit. So diving right in- you went home with a guy who’s name you don’t even know. If you don’t know his name and don’t want to then great, you probably don’t have him on social media so check that one off the list. Regardless of if you know them or not, it can still be pretty heavy in your heart and mind the next day, week, month, so on. Let’s bring it full circle, that moment is dead and gone. That bitch would never sit alone in her dorm room bed sulking and stressing over how “whoreish” she was and how her reputation is ruined. That bitch would simply move on. Wow, crazy right? Not really. Confidence is key and admitting is the first step. It’s fine to let yourself feel guilt and then make a plan on how to overcome it. If you were confident enough on Saturday to bag the blondie in the corner dressed like a cowboy then you are more than confident enough to carry on like it never happened if that’s how you’d like it to happen. If you don’t bring it up no one else will because if you aren’t worried about it then why should they be? They aren’t. Scenario two, however, is a little different; You know this person, you like this person, you’re scared they won’t like you anymore. Again confidence is key so if you act unbothered they will too. If this does not work then feel out the waters. Reading the room often times is pretty easy especially around people who’s mannerisms you know well. If he or she is clearly avoiding you then they probably feel very similar to you right now. Honestly, just reach out. It’s scary but it’s worth it. You’ll never know how something could’ve turned out unless you give it a try. Closing off doors to beautiful relationships because of your own insecurity is childish, there I said it. That bitch would NEVER EVER not be honest in the face of emotional turmoil. She wouldn’t overreact, but she would speak her mind. The worst that could happen is things are as awkward as they are right now and the best thing that could happen is everything goes back to normal and progresses.

If you’re worried about something you drunk posted to your snap story or texted to an ex then this segment is for you. We’ve all been there, wasted and lonely. All of a sudden it hits your sloshed and incapacitated mind, “I should text them”. The answer is always no in that case but, you’re too out of it to think about anything reasonable. For example, you text him how much you miss him and somehow manage to spell every word wrong. No response. Waking up the next morning you just went from “The Girl That Got Away” to “The Stalker Ex”. I don’t want to scare you but, they definitely did tell all their closest friends about it and the screenshot is 100% in the group chat. So. How do we bounce back? I said it once and I said it again, confidence. If you won’t be seeing this person around any time soon then why are you even worried? Insecurity projects, and if you are letting how an ex who is 300 miles away from you sees you affect your self confidence then you’re a loser. The key to being that bitch is to just focus on the things that make you happy, not them. If they are spending time dwelling on the fact that you messaged or called or posted about them and you’ve already moved on then, honey, that makes them the loser. Now of course don’t go around lying about it but, keep in mind that this doesn’t define you. What has happened is only a has been and you are living in the future now and the future doesn’t tolerate self pity. Take pride in the fact that yes, you did that. You may have been under the influence but at least you can admit when you’ve done something you wish you hadn’t. Being the bigger person in this situation is ultimately going to give your mind the greatest release of anxiety.

Long story short, the past is in the past and it’s okay to let go of things you’re not proud of from this past weekend. Besides, like Cady Heron once said, “Halloween is the one time of year where a girl can act like a total slut and no one can say anything about it.” Embrace that 😉

One response to “How to recover from a regretful Halloweekend”

  1. AVAAAA THIS WAS THE MOST AMAZING BLOG POST IVE EVER READ NO JOKE. i’m trying out this fun lil reply feature cause why not? i’m not really sure why i was so in depth when reading the part about drinking and drugs and smoking and all that fun stuff cause my halloween was trickortreating and getting asked “aren’t you a little old for this?🤔🤔🤔” countless times but nonetheless this was the most engaging and sick blog post ever!

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